To all Wavetek colleagues, we need to continue to persevere, so that the second half of 2018 "non-CMOS" performance can exceed 50% of total revenue. This is a very important and meaningful indicator as it represents a milestone in the success of the transition since Wavetek's establishment six years ago! Based on this foundation, we can confidently confirm that our direction is correct and that future development can definitely be expected! I give thanks to all the staffs here. Thank you for your hard work and contribution!

W. Y. Chen



  • M.Eng. in Electronics Engineering from National Chiao Tung University
  • B.S. in Physics from National Central University


  • Board Director, UMC
  • Chief Operating Officer, UMC
  • Chairman and President, UMCJ
  • Senior Vice President, 6"/8"/12"Fab Operation, UMC
  • Vice President/Director, responsible for the operation of UMC's 6A, 8AB, 8E, 8D and 8F fabs, in sequence
  • Vishay General Semiconductor

Wavetek has been diligently working in the Gallium Arsenide industry for several years and has gained recognition and support from high-end customers. Based on UMC's two decades of foundry process, our excellent R&D team has continuously developed new technologies and has driven our technology to an industry-leading position. The arrival of 5G and optoelectronic generation is bound to push the demand for Gallium Arsenide to an unprecedented peak. Wavetek will collaborate with customers on the basis of its beliefs in new technology research and development, customer orientation and zero defect quality.

C.G. Shih



  • Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A


  • Executive Vice President, Wavetek
  • Vice President, UMC-USA and UMC-BV Sales and Customer Engineering Operation
  • Director, Wireless Communication Segment, Marketing Division, UMC
  • Design Manager, CPU Product Division, UMC
  • Senior VLSI Designer, IBM

Based on the foundry ability over 20 years in the semiconductor industry, we insist on honestly facing the problem, problems solving professionally, the quality of the first precision, and becoming the innovative technology leader.
To stimulate enthusiasm, enhance the value and sustainable management, which are the common beliefs for company and staff. Partnership to build a win-win situation and create the future, this is Wavetek's only customer-facing code.

"Missions must be reached" is our constant commitment throughout the course of development.

C. H. Chung

VP of Fab Operation


  • M.Eng. in Material Science and Engineering from National Chiao Tung University


  • Director, responsible for the operation of UMC's 8S, 8F and 8CD fabs at different times
  • Manager, Fab Process Engineering Integration, UMC

Wavetek, like a phoenix rebirth from the 30 years old UMC group, is young and energetic. We take challenges and recommendations from customers and treat them seriously. We are committed to be a customer oriented foundry. Our technology roadmap is aligned to requirements from customers and meets leading edge performance in the industry. We provide a harmonious working environment to encourage our engineers for a creative thinking and problem solving capability. We strive to be a first class pure play foundry service in the world for compound semiconductor and SAW industry.
Customer satisfaction is always our job one.

Barry Lin

CTO / Vice President


  • Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Princeton


  • Sr. Director, Design Engineering, Qorvo, Triquint
  • VP Technology, WJ Communications
  • Sr. VP & Co-founder, EiC Corp.
  • Engineering Manager, Litton Solid State
  • MTS, HPLabs