Who we are

Our mission is to LEAD

Founded in October 2010, Wavetek is located in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and was established as the science park's first 6-inch GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) foundry.

Wavetek has 20 years of 6" silicon-based CMOS foundry experience, and inherits industry-leading manufacturing processes as part of UMC's New Business Group. We are committed to excelling at gallium arsenide microwave and RF integrated circuit services to enable a new generation in electronics.

Wavetek owns the most advanced III-V manufacturing process technology and supplies dedicated, flexible, and competitive foundry services to global design houses and IDM partners. The company also maintains a technically sound and continuously innovative research and development team for III-V technologies. We uphold UMC's first-class manufacturing capability and are led by a pragmatic and efficient management team to create maximum value for our customers.

What we do ...

Maximizing Customer’s success

The range of technologies we offer ranges from next-generation GaAs HBT technology, 0.15 micron pHEMT technology and high-gallium nitride power devices to SAW filters. We also manufacture GaAs- and InP-based Optic Devices (ex. PIN Diodes, VCSELs, OEICs) for the field of OFC (Optical Fiber Communication) & consumer applications. The full product line can be widely used in wireless mobile communications for smart phones, wireless LANs, microwave wireless base stations, GPS, wireless mini-base stations, cable television and Internet of things (IoT), National Defense applications, optical fiber communications, optical radar, 3D sensing components and many other fields.

Wavetek offers cutting-edge foundry services with the broadest product portfolio in the III-V and CMOS specialty technology industry. We will continue our research and development of new technologies in compound semiconductors to become a leader in wireless communications, consumer optical and photonic technology, and green energy to achieve the ultimate goal of helping customers to create the most value.


Pure-play III-V & Silicon-based CMOS semiconductor foundry

  • A unique dual foundry business model to provide the most diversified product options

20 Year mature 6" foundry manufacturing operations experience

  • Comprehensive engineering services (FA, PE etc.)
  • Product Yield Management Service
  • In-house 6" tools with self-maintenance and repair capabilities

Technical exchange and facility support from UMC group

  • Priority access to advanced process equipment
  • Continuous technical exchange and technical cooperation

Independent R&D

  • Years of industry experience to understand market trends
  • A complete R&D team that continues to research and develop new technologies