To become the leading Ⅲ-Ⅴ compound semiconductor supplier.

Wavetek actively promotes the wireless communication, photovoltaic and green energy industries to facilitate vigorous development efforts in order to create a green generation of high-performance wireless communications. We not only specialize in developing mainstream wireless communications to meet the current market, but also fully invest in developing the technology for next-generation mainstream compound semiconductors.

Wavetek has sophisticated process technology that serves as a cornerstone, with continuing research and development that closely follows market trends so that through partnering with our customers, we can create a win-win situation.


Strict quality control
Customer trust and peace of mind

Our main goal is to help customers create the greatest added value and provide the most appropriate solutions for their requirements. We carefully execute every aspect of our research and development as well as our manufacturing process.
We confirm that technology is in place to ensure quality so that customers’ impression of us is assurance and peace of mind.

Core Values

We shall uphold our corporate values in every aspect of our company's
operations as well as in our interactions with customers and vendors.


Translate sound fundamental capabilities to operating performance.
Practice lean technology development while accurately assessing market demand.


Demonstrate speed and clarity of action to achieve high customer satisfaction.


Show a sense of responsibility and attentiveness to detail in proposing solutions.
Set targets to get the job done in keeping with organizational principles.


Be trustworthy and practice positive communication to establish meaningful dialogue.
Keep commitments and share knowledge to achieve sustainable management.