Wavetek announces support for Keysight Pathwave ADS Electro-Thermal analysis

Wavetek today announced the support of Keysight’s Pathwave ADS Electro-Thermal (ETH) in its GaAs processes.

The evolution of thermal effects is the most important issue in the power amplifier design. Traditional simulations rely on the modelled thermal network in global HBT device, or they manually build up a thermal network that is used by each HBT device in the circuit With ETH support, Wavetek’s customers can improve the quality of their designs by simulating accurate device temperatures early in their circuit simulations.

“Wavetek has implemented the ETH (Electro-Thermal) environments for all HBT PDKs, including technology files, models and p-cells to offer capabilities of ETH function. Based on simulation flow on ADS, user can utilize HBT equivalent models and related p-cell to automatically simulate the large signal performance with one-stop design flow.”, said Barry Lin, Wavetek CTO.

“After ADS DRC and ADS LVS endorsement as Wavetek’s signoff verification tools, this is the next big milestone in our collaboration with Wavetek. ADS ETH support provides our mutual customers the ability to run thermally-aware circuit simulations early in their design cycle, thereby avoiding potential reliability issues and failures”, said Kevin Dhawan, Foundry Program Manager at Keysight PSS.